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Business risks faced by Finnish companies in Poland

Based on the study the most significant business risks in Poland are related to social factors such as labor shortage, staff turnover, management and acquisition of new customers. Economic risks are related to rise of salary and cost level and financing of the company in Poland. Political environment of Poland was described as more stable than suggested lately in the media and there was no political threat seen towards foreign companies. Technological risks are mostly related to information security and the lim-ited know-how in utilizing the possibilities enabled by technology. The environmental factors did not form a threat to the studied Finnish companies yet the strict environ-mental requirements towards foreign companies, air pollution and flood risk were mentioned. Business risks related to legal environment of Poland might arise from heavy bureaucracy, slowness or contractual practices.

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Finncham interviewed H.E. Heinrich Maurer, Swiss Ambassador to Finland

Switzerland ranks as the most competitive nation in the world, followed by the United States and Singapore. How Switzerland has been able to maintain this position for nine years without any interruptions?

I would only like to mention a few possible reasons. Reliable and reasonable politics, a wide-spread awareness that average is not sufficient, a trustful relationship between employees and employers, first-class infrastructure and education system are the basis of Switzerland’s top ranking.  

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EuropeAnne Hatanpää
Finland and the Czech Republic: Exploring Main Trends and Overcoming Stereotypes as Modern Source of Business Opportunities 

100 years ago, the Czech Republic and Finland received the international recognition as the new, independent and democratic republics in Europe.  Within coming years, both countries developed their reputation within European and world industrial community focusing, among others, on free trade advocacy. The question whether and how our mutual trade can create win-win situation for the both countries is an underlying topic of our interview with H.E. Ivan Jukl, the Ambassador of the Czech Republic in Finland.

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EuropeAnnemarie Hjorth