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How to Motivate and Show Appreciation of Your Employees? 22 Oct 2019, Helsinki

The Finnish and the Swiss Set of Mind

It is a widely accepted understanding that those companies and institutions that value their employees are most often those who experience a sustainable growth and positive image in the market.

Formal as well as informal recognition as an integral part of the company culture is vital. It is easy to identify benefits of employee appreciation such as better motivation, improved work and team culture, better effort, improved customer satisfaction, less absence from work etc.

Employees want to feel valued and know that they are appreciated. New creative ways to who recognition is continuously developed. But how to do it cross-border? Is there anything that can go wrong?

As this is such an important topic and widely discussed in the working community across industrial sectors, it would be very interesting to know and learn how can we in today’s work life show employee appreciation.

Join our event and find out! Welcome!

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