Finncham interviewed H.E. Mr Tibor Králik, the Ambassador of the Slovak Republic

Which kinds of business opportunities there are for Finnish companies in the Slovak Republic?

Although there is an inevitable shift to the service based economy in Slovakia, as is the case in many modern developed countries around the world, the manufacturing and the industry will continue to play a significant role in the years to come. The Slovak Republic has a long tradition in mechanical engineering, machinery, which has gradually transformed to the renowned automotive industry. Extremely favourable business environment still lures major stakeholders, Jaguar Land Rover amongst the latest. Vehicle production, followed by electronics industry, are two fundamental pillars of the Slovak economy. 

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EuropeAnnemarie Hjorth
Economic outlook of Austria today – and what are the future prospects for the country?

Austria is politically and economically one of the most stable countries in the world. Inflation rates are low, the increase in national debt has been successfully curbed and the target of a balanced budget appears within reach. An array of measures have been implemented in order to stimulate growth through liberalisation and privatisation, thus securing the future through social system reforms.

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Explore the Balkans Business Opportunities

The Balkans region takes its name from the Balkan Mountains which run trough the center of Bulgaria into eastern Serbia. The Balkan region has made great progress, moving from war to peace, from disintegration to cooperative development and implementing democratic and economic reforms on the path towards EU integration.

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FinnCham Interviewed Johannes Axnix, President of Finnforum, Vienna, Austria on 25th September 2017.

The Austrian economy has continued to perform strongly this year and the consumer and business confidence indicators have remained optimistic.  What will the future economy look like in your opinion after the elections in October and in the coming year?

„Austria's economy is very stable. It is hardly imaginable that a new government will cause major changes. Especially the medium-sized business proves to be robust. I am pretty convinced it will stay that way.“

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Finncham interviewed Mr. Tapio Anttila, the Honorary Consul of Finland in Medellin in Colombia

Economic and political outlook of Colombia today and what are the prospects for the country?

The Colombian economy has been growing by 2 – 3 per cent during the last years. The economic growth has slowed down recently. Fall in oil prices followed by devaluation of peso by 40 per cent made Colombia an attractive destination of foreign investments two years ago.

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Central America and the Caribbean with 90 million consumers is an often-overlooked region of opportunities, stated Chris Bennett from the Caribbean Council.  Although the markets are small, and the integration is poor, business can be highly profitable in the long run. The largest economies in the region are Puerto Rico, Cuba, Dominican Republic, Guatemala and Panama.  The key business areas are energy and extractive industries, transport infrastructure, tourism sector and hurricane reconstruction.

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Interview with H.E. Mr Sasa Obradovic, the Serbian Ambassador to Finland – investment and business opportunities in Serbia

Serbia is a country of a wonderful nature and an extraordinary history in the middle of the Balkan Peninsula. It has 7.12 million inhabitants, but Belgrade (approx. 1.2 million), as a capital of the former Yugoslavia, represents today a natural business center of the wider region of Western Balkans, connected by the improving economic relations, the same/similar languages, as well as the common interest for the EU integration and development.

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