Finnish Chamber of Commerce in Japan: Newsletter

November is going to be a very busy month for us as we will have five events, most ever for one month in our almost 20 years history. But hope there will be then something of interest for all!

We start off on Thursday, 1 November a luncheon with a prominent Finnish business leader, Mr. Kjell Forsen, President and CEO of Vaisala Oyj. For details, read below!

This is soon followed by a Joint Nordic Pre-Opening Tour to Metsa Village in Hanno on Monday, 5 November, more about this below!

Then on Thursday, 22 November we have the traditional Sweden - Finland Golf Challenge, the 33rd Stora Enso Cup at G.C. Narita Hightree in Chiba pref.. Normally this event has been played on Friday's, but as Friday 23rd is a public holiday, we instead have it on Thursday.
More about this event also below!

In planning are two additional events, one a Joint Nordic event with Spotify and B&O on the future of music distribution on 21 November and the other a CLIC event with Lindt, a leading Swiss chocolate company, tentatively on 29 November. I will have more information about these in coming bulletins.
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