Finnish Chamber of Commerce in Japan

Even after over 30 years here, the Japanese public holidays still confuses me sometimes. Even outside Japan, many know about the Golden Week, a string of holidays from end of April to early May. But since 2009 we also have a Silver Week, due to the fact that the Respect for the Aged Day is on third Monday of September (yesterday) and Autumnal Equinox Day, usually September 23, but as it is a Sunday, in the Japanese tradition it was moved to next Monday. If lucky, there is another holiday between these "Kokumin no kyujitsu" (Citizens's Holiday), the day in between the two other holidays (or weekend), so that you get a five day break. But this is rather rare, next time happens in 2026. So this year the Silver Week is not that "glamorous", just two consecutive Monday's off.

As for Golden Week in 2019, due to the abdication of current Emperor on 30 April and enthronement of the new 1 May (both holidays), the government has proposed that the Golden Week holidays be consolidated into a special ten day block lasting from Sat. 27 April to Mon. 6 May.
So if you plan to travel then, better start booking tickets already now!

Our next event is Mercedes-Benz - Cole Haan Cup on Friday, 5 October, but unfortunately this is already fully booked, partly because FCCJ has 23 players out of 80 in the European team, so we are by some margin the chamber with most participants. To know more about the event, go here!

On Tuesday, 23 October the traditional European Joint Chamber Networking Party is held. Event details below. Later in October we are planning to have a Joint Nordic Young Professionals event , details about that in my next bulletin!

Our "Aoyama View" columnist used the long weekend efficiently to make a new contribution, this time titled "From Osaka typhoon to Osaka fever - dark side and bright side of Japan".

Click banner at right to find out why Osaka can be seen both from a dark and a bright side...

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