FACC Florida - Tapani Kaskeala - new President



Dear FACC-FL members,

I am honored to have been selected the President of FAAC-Florida. I hope I will be able to meet your expectations as regards the future direction of our Chamber.

A couple of words about myself. I am currently living in the U.S. for the fifth time in my life. The earlier tours, altogether fourteen years during four decades, beginning in 1966, have all related to my own studies or work. This time around, however, having retired a few years ago, I have followed my wife to Florida. She works as the pastor of the Finnish-American St. Andrew’s Lutheran Church in Lake Worth. 

We live in Delray Beach. We are delighted to have our 18-year old daughter Elsa still with us. The same applies to our canine family member Tessu, an eight-year-old golden retriever.

I am economist by training. My 40-year work career revolved mainly around finance as well international trade and develoment. I last served as a Director of the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) in London. Before that, I was President and CEO of Finpro, the national trade promotion agency of Finland. As regards Finnish-American Chambers of Commerce, I have some experience from them having served as the President of the FACC-Washington Metropolitan Area as well as a board member of the one in Helsinki.

I am open to all new ideas (and members, of course!), as I begin my presidency. Please, do not hesitate to get in touch with me with your thoughts! You can best reach me at tapani.kaskeala@gmail.com.

With best wishes, have a great summer!

Yours truly,

Tapani Kaskeala

FACC-FL President

From here you can find a column written by Tapani Kaskeala published in SAM Magazine (page 29). SAM Magazine is a member publication of the League of Finnish-American Societies and it is published four times a year. The column is in Finnish.